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Traveling around Bali, Indonesia

I fell in love for Bali since the first moment I arrived, not sure if was because of all the natural beauty surrounding it or if was because of the happy and smiley people living in such a special place. But, there is something very mystical and unique about this...

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Traveling around Singapore

After spending almost 3 months in Bali since September, I decided to go backpacking around Asia from the beginning of this year. Singapore was the first country I visited after Bali. Totally different from each other, Singapore is a small city in Southeast Asia with...

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About 7 months traveling in Asia

It was almost 7 months. No words could ever describe what I’ve lived, all that I saw, everything that I felt. How good it is to see different realities and to live the day to day life in another country on the other side of the world. Asia is beautiful,...

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