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About Elephants in Thailand

When I was in Thailand, one of the things that I would like to see, like everyone, was the elephants. I didn’t want to ride them because I never agreed, but at least, see them, touch or bathe them. In my ignorance, I ended up to buy a ticket to visit a “private farm”...

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FLY AWAY: New Project

After an unforgettable trip across Asia for 7 months, the will to plan and organize trips has grown as well as a willingness to help others to plan their travels. FLY AWAY was born to help and encourage others to discover the world because travelling...

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Traveling around Malaysia

After 5 days in Singapore, I went to Malaysia by bus. The trip took me about 6 hours and was only 15€ (incredible how we can travel really cheap between a lot of countries in Asia). If you’re interested, the bus company that I used was Sri Maju. I was 10 days in...

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