Like most individuals, I attended school till I was twenty-one years old and earned a Bachelor’s degree. I graduated with a degree in Marketing Management and Iater started to work in a company as a Marketing Assistant. I always enjoyed my field and I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. Therefore, I began to work the traditional 9-5 job, creating my routines, dealing with rules and obligations.

At the time, being stuck in an office eight hours a day didn’t make sense to me. Sometimes I managed to finish my tasks in four hours; however, I needed to stay at work for eight hours. I remember looking out the window and thinking about what I could be doing instead of being trapped at the office. I asked myself, why does everyone has to follow the same system.

After two years and three months constantly performing the same routines, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and leave Portugal. I moved to London in November 2016. I had two jobs during my time in London. Initially, I worked as Barista which helped me adapt to the country, language and culture. Some months later I started to send CV’s to companies in my field and was invited to interviews. I found a job as a Marketing Consultant in a Digital Agency and once again I began performing the same routines. Subsequently, I realized that I needed to make changes in my life. I began seeking for something which could give me more freedom.

Since then, I began to create my own website and sign up on different freelancer websites. I also started to share my work in different ways. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been working as Digital Nomad and I’ve been dedicating most of my time on things that I really enjoy.

In September 2018 I decided to buy a one-way ticket to Bali. Fast forward a couple of months and I’m still in Bali having a beautiful experience that I hope to share with you.

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