1. I like the people. I like the simple and happy way that they live. They smile at us without expecting a smile in return. They are really sweet!
  2. Bali’s nature. It’s amazing how anywhere you go everything is beautiful.
  3. The energy and “good vibes” that you feel around here.
  4. Tropical fruit! I’m completely addicted to Mangos, Mangosteens and Dragon Fruit!
  5. Cafes and restaurants decoration. Everything is so simple and beautiful, just love it!
  6. Love riding the scooter, especially at night when it’s not so hot. I feel really free (I want to get one when I return to Portugal ahah)
  7. Bowls. I’m also addicted to the wonderful bowls in Bali!
  8. Sunsets. Maybe one of the best things about Bali, it’s really cool being able to see a beautiful and different sky every day!
  9. I love all the beautiful things that you can get in Bali, from clothes, jewelry, bags, home accessories and decoration… I just want to buy everything!
  10. I like to bargain the prices when I want to buy something because they always end up giving you the price that you want.
  11. When you’re in traffic, look at the people quietly as if nothing happened and laugh to the side. They’re very patient.

Fortunately, there are more positive things about Bali than negative. However, the waste and pollution will always be the two things that is hard for me to deal with. Indonesia is the second-largest plastic polluter after China and it’s really sad to see all the waste go into the ocean.

Thanks for reading!
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