It was almost 7 months. No words could ever describe what I’ve lived, all that I saw, everything that I felt. How good it is to see different realities and to live the day to day life in another country on the other side of the world. Asia is beautiful, not only by its nature but also for their people, the simplicity, the community as they live and the happiness they transmit even when living with the minimum material things.

We are very fortunate, for all we have, for being able to travel wherever we want, for the opportunities we have to work in different countries, something that for these people is almost impossible. We are surrounded by so many opportunities that we don’t even realize, or because we are busy finding problems or excuses, or maybe because we are trap on a routine that we don’t like but we still do and we don’t do anything to change it, or because we buy things that we don’t really need but we think that it’s going to make us happier, among many other things. I have never felt so grateful for living and enjoying the experiences I have lived during my trip. Currently, having time to do what I really like and make me happy is everything to me! I realized that the reason people do not travel as much as they want is not because of the money, but because of lack of time, because this system called “normal” from 9am to 6pm and 25 days of vacation still don’t want to change.

It was 7 months creating memories and sharing them with people all around the world, people with the same desire to discover new places like you. I saw the most incredible sunsets around 6 different countries, I experienced all kind of asian food, I felt how cool is ride a scooter in unknown and beautiful roads, I discovered the seabed, I dived, I swam with mantas, among many other experiences. In fact, “traveling is the only thing you buy and makes you richer”.

I’ve been in Asia alone and traveled everywhere by myself, but the truth is you’re never alone. You meet people like you, doing the same thing as you, and you always have something in common: traveling! The connection is immediate. Don’t miss that trip you want so bad only because nobody wants to go with you or you’re afraid, or because someone tells you it’s impossible and they give you a lot of excuses for not doing it. If I had followed what people say, I’m sure that I would not be here now sharing my adventure with you. When I’m talking about that trip, I’m talking about everything in life. Life is yours and no one lives it for you, so everything depends on you, your options and your priorities. You only live once and we know how time flies.

As they say, the best things happen when we are out of our comfort zone, and this is so true! Nowadays, I feel that I can do everything, I have developed skills that I never imagined I would. Today I follow my heart and I live the present 100% because this is what really matters. I’m grateful for everything this journey taught me and I’m really happy to come back and embrace my family, because this is what I really wanted now.

Thank you all for following my adventure! I hope you have traveled a bit with me around these wonderful countries of Asia. More news coming soon ??

A lot of people ask me if I came for staying long or if I’ll return. I traveled between 6 countries with only one way ticket and Portugal was not different ?

? The picture was taken by an Argentinian friend during an end of day in Philippines while I was tasting the famous Mate Argentino.

Thanks for reading!
Jessica ?

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