After spending almost 3 months in Bali since September, I decided to go backpacking around Asia from the beginning of this year. Singapore was the first country I visited after Bali. Totally different from each other, Singapore is a small city in Southeast Asia with one of the world’s strongest economies. On top of that, this city has the most beautiful and colourful lights I’ve ever seen, wish makes it such a special and dreamy destination.

I stayed at a friend’s house in Singapore for 5 days, so I didn’t need to pay for accommodation.
However, I did a research on Booking and you can find some Hostels around 8-10€ per night (usually, in the biggest part of Asian countries, you can find hostels maximum 5€, so Singapore is more expensive).

Singapore is considered an expensive city, however, you can keep it cheap it as you want.
Here are some facts about this city:

  • It’s a super safe and clean city
  • Food is cheap, you can get food for less than 5€
  • Public transport is also very accessible
  • Changi Airport Singapore is one of the most beautiful ever!
  • The night lights of the buildings and roads are incredible
  • Singapore nightlife is also a great experience but could be expensive since the alcohol is expensive.

Follows some hostels/hotels suggestions based on location, reviews and quality/price:

You can find different accommodations here.

Follow some places that I visited:

Marina Bay Sands

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Sentosa Island

If you would like to keep following my journey please find me here:


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