When I was in Thailand, one of the things that I would like to see, like everyone, was the elephants. I didn’t want to ride them because I never agreed, but at least, see them, touch or bathe them.

In my ignorance, I ended up to buy a ticket to visit a “private farm” from a gentleman who had elephants and we could be in contact with them.

Actually seeing the elephants was cute, but I also saw chained elephants, exhausted elephants carrying people, elephants taking blows on metal hooks to obey the person, between others.

Actually, reading or watching vídeos on the internet is different from seeing by yourself, and this is why I’m sharing my experience with you so you do not do the same.

These animals, like so many others, are caught and then trained by the worst methods to be used to “entertain” people. They can be used for these type of tourist activity, for walking on them, for social media pictures, for circus shows, for zoos, among so many others!

For this reason, the “Elephant Sanctuaries” have started to emerge in Thailand where the elephants are supposed to be rescued from this type of exploitation and tourists may have an “ethical tourism experiences”. So, if you go to Thailand and want to see te elephants please try to look for Sanctuaries and check if they really meet these requirements, because many of them say they are but, in reality, they are not.

“Tourists see elephants being mounted and doing stunts. They don’t see animals being “tamed” and taught to fear the sting. ”

“Human beings identify the suffering of other humans through universal signs: people hiccup, wince, weep and express pain with their voices. Animals have no universal language for pain. ”?

Whenever you travel remember this and do not support these activities, change is in each of us and we have to be the voice of these animals ?

Follows some Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand where you can have a good or better experience with the elephants:

Check this video if you would like to:

If you would like to keep following my journey please find me here:


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