Traveling around the Philippines

The Philippines was always a country that I would like to visit but never thought I would visit so soon. While I was in Malaysia, a friend that I met In Bali told me she was in the Philippines and I just bought the tickets and I went! I was in El Nido (12 days), Port...

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About Elephants in Thailand

When I was in Thailand, one of the things that I would like to see, like everyone, was the elephants. I didn’t want to ride them because I never agreed, but at least, see them, touch or bathe them. In my ignorance, I ended up to buy a ticket to visit a “private farm”...

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FLY AWAY: New Project

After an unforgettable trip across Asia for 7 months, the will to plan and organize trips has grown as well as a willingness to help others to plan their travels. FLY AWAY was born to help and encourage others to discover the world because travelling...

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Traveling around Malaysia

After 5 days in Singapore, I went to Malaysia by bus. The trip took me about 6 hours and was only 15€ (incredible how we can travel really cheap between a lot of countries in Asia). If you’re interested, the bus company that I used was Sri Maju. I was 10 days in...

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Traveling around Bali, Indonesia

I fell in love for Bali since the first moment I arrived, not sure if was because of all the natural beauty surrounding it or if was because of the happy and smiley people living in such a special place. But, there is something very mystical and unique about this...

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Traveling around Singapore

After spending almost 3 months in Bali since September, I decided to go backpacking around Asia from the beginning of this year. Singapore was the first country I visited after Bali. Totally different from each other, Singapore is a small city in Southeast Asia with...

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About 7 months traveling in Asia

It was almost 7 months. No words could ever describe what I’ve lived, all that I saw, everything that I felt. How good it is to see different realities and to live the day to day life in another country on the other side of the world. Asia is beautiful,...

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Christmas in Paradise: Uluwatu, Bali

For the first time I spent Christmas and New Year’s away from home. It’s not easy to be away from home during this season, however I had an incredible experience and I will certainly never forget. I spent this season with a small portuguese community (not...

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All you need to know about Bali

As I told you before, I came to Bali in September 2018 to spend a couple of months. I did not know how long I was going to remain in Bali. I’m currently in Uluwatu spending Christmas and New Years with some friends. It is my first Christmas away from home and it’s so...

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Favorite things in Bali

I like the people. I like the simple and happy way that they live. They smile at us without expecting a smile in return. They are really sweet! Bali’s nature. It’s amazing how anywhere you go everything is beautiful. The energy and “good vibes” that you feel around...

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Why Bali?

It wasn’t a dream, but I always had a “good feeling” about Bali. Everything I saw, read and researched about the island fascinated me. The fact that I lived in a cold place like London also helped me realize that I actually need the opposite. There is...

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About me

Like most individuals, I attended school till I was twenty-one years old and earned a Bachelor’s degree. I graduated with a degree in Marketing Management and Iater started to work in a company as a Marketing Assistant. I always enjoyed my field and I...

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