IATI (Travel Insurance)

IATI is an insurance brokerage specifically made for any type of travellers. Flexible, great customer service and really good prices. Truly recommend! Get 5% discount in your next insurance.


Airbnb is also a platform that I use a lot, perfect for short-term rentals.


Revolut is a prepaid card and app used by 4.5m+ customers across Europe and Australia, to make massive savings on fees when spending and sending money abroad.

The card works with several currencies and I strongly recommend it, especially to those who travel and do not want to use their card at local ATM’s in fear of identity theft and things of that nature.
With the Revolut card, you can withdraw £200 per month free from international ATM (2% fee thereafter).

Apart of that, through the app, you can also freeze the card if you lose it, unfreeze it if you find it, make online purchases, make international payments or card transactions, between others.

Known by everyone, is a worldwide leader in accommodation that guarantees the best available prices. 

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